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    Tooth Extraction in Brickell Dental Care

    Dental tooth extraction ( tooth removal) without pain under local anesthesia.

    Sometimes, happens that all efforts aimed at preserving and treating a tooth are powerless. Unfortunately, this is more common than we would like to see here at Brickell Dental Care in Miami.
    To ensure the most comfortable and painless process of tooth extraction, in our dental office, we work with the best dental professionals who can provide you safe and painless tooth extraction.  Also in most dental cases, we can do same-day implants as well. So basically, you have an option to have your dental implant done together with a tooth extraction. In a couple of months when the implant will heal well, the dentist will take a dental impression for your permanent implant crown. A permanent implant crown can be ready in a couple of weeks or so.  In our dental clinic in Miami we are not sending any dental work out of the US. We have our local lab here in Fort Lauderdale. Our dental technician may be present during your office visit for better results. He will help us to match a tooth color (shade) with other teeth or correct the shape of the tooth.
    In Brickell Dental Care dentists always trying to save your nature tooth even if it`s a challenge for them.  In dental practice, there are really few cases when it`s too late for dental treatment and nothing left but tooth extraction. In many cases, you can repair teeth that are broken or damaged by decay with a filling, crown, or other dental treatment. Sometimes, though, the damage is too severe to repair, so your dentist will recommend extraction.
    Cases when tooth extraction is recommended: 
    – diseases and exacerbation of diseases of the teeth and gums – such as sinusitis of the maxillary sinuses, purulent periostitis
    – cases when wisdom teeth interfere with normal life, food intake – they scratch the inner surface of the cheeks or damage adjacent teeth
    – swelling and fracture of the jaw – in this situation, teeth are removed from the area of treatment
    teeth, due to which the entire dentition is deformed – this is often found with an incorrect bite
    if the tooth is not subject to prosthetics or restoration cases when the tooth interferes with the installation of crowns or another type of prosthetics
    – when it`s too late for root canal treatment and the tooth is totally distroyed.
    So how we can see here tooth extraction is recommended only in particularly difficult cases, when its presence can harm health or other healthy teeth, interfere with treatment or cause insufficient treatment of the disease. It is also worth knowing that there are cases when tooth extraction is not recommended.
    There are some cases when tooth extraction is not recommended such as chronic heart problems or mental illness, acute infectious diseases, and pregnancy. In this case, you will have to wait until the end of the treatment or the time suitable for the extraction of the tooth.
    Please give us a call if you are looking for good and affordable dental care at (407) 989 99-99