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    Emergencia dental en Miami Brickel

    Zirconia Veneers in Brickell

    Zirconium veneers are effective medical and visual devices guaranteeing a charming smile. Zr refers to a white-colored alloy, so picking better mediums improving one’s appearance, considering aesthetic targets, seems challenging. Interesting, Zr-alloy-manufactured add-ons don’t require utilization of extra metals composing substructures, resulting the operation less expensive without neglecting its durability.

    Reliability is thought to be a key peculiarity due to Zr exceptional durability and damage resistance. Designed from sturdy oxide, zirconium devices are reliable for long-term use as they withstand everyday wear and tear without chipping. They maintain a common hue over time, ensuring an attractive appearance. The precise fabrication operation guarantees a perfect fit and strong bond, further enhancing their solidness. Willing to reveal the tooth veneer cost Miami? If yes, delve into this topic right now!

    Zirconium Veneers Prices, Brickell Miami

    Zirconia veneers cost depends on different variables, including the quantity, diagnosis sessions duration, the alloy quality, etc Our medical center, located in the heart of Miami, presents the most reasonable pricing policy enabling clients to afford to pay zirconia veneers price. Study the table to contrast our pricing with competitive dentistries providers:

    Table: Veneers cost

    Service Price
    Consultation/diagnostic Free
    Smile design consultation Free
    Zr coating starts at $899/ tooth
    10 items set, specials starts at $8000/ 10 units
    20 items set, smile makeover, specials, Full mouth coating starts at $15000 / 20 units
    Composite coverings, same-day coating, one-day cosmetic covering starts at $599/ per unit
    Composite cosmetic set starts at $9000/ 20 units

    What are Zirconium Coverings

    Once we’ve discovered zirconia veneers cost, let’s take deeper consideration of the essence of these dentistry/cosmetic instruments. So, these are special coverings manufactured of a transparent alloy. Because no additional metals utilized as support, Zr dentistry coating never leads to severe allergenic consequences.

    In contrast to competitive alternatives, Zr tools are applied not to substitute a missing tooth, but to improve smile aesthetics. Using them, people eliminate a number of common issues, including yellowing/cracked form.

    Cases When Patients Need to Use Them VS Cases When Don’t

    While looking for zirconia veneers near me (near you), we suggest considering aspects beyond financial affordability of the implantation treatment. Foremost, experts suggest figuring out whether you even need teeth arrangement of this sort.

    You’re lucky to read this article as the major purpose of our dentistry health center located in downtown Miami is to show every potential customer the right way! Let’s elucidate key circumstances under which Zr is the No. 1 instrument and in which alternative assets (porcelain, E-max’s lithium) appear more relevant.

    Application Scenarios

    • Severe stains: Zirconium tooth veneers are irreplaceable tools in terms of assisting customers suffering severe discoloration, which cannot be corrected even by whitening procedures specialists. Whether it’s due to intrinsic or medication-induced spots, or fluorosis diseases.
    • Chipped or cracked oral arrangement: Suggested tools appear quite efficient in terms of restoring the visual chipped or cracked shape. Dentistry solutions envelope the spoiled areas and thus hide them.
    • Mild to moderate misalignment: White-colored and transparent coating can create the straighter teeth illusion.
    • A desire for a natural-looking smile: If aesthetic and cosmetic purposes appear top priorities for you, welcome!


    • Severe gum disease: In cases of suffering advanced tooth decay or gum disease, specialists recommend addressing these issues before considering the Zr covering treatment. A dentistry veneer requires a healthy foundation to ensure long-term success, and placing them on compromised gums can lead to additional severe complications.
    • Grinding or clenching habit: Individuals suffering a habit known as bruxism may not seem ideal patients for this dentistry treatment. Intense forces exerted during grinding often harm coverings.
    • Financial constraints: Zirconium insert can appear a more costly option in comparison to ones manufactured of ceramic materials. If the price seems prohibitive or exceeds affordable budget limits, discussing alternative options is advisable.

    Zirconium Pros and Cons


    • If a customer follows the care recommendation (see the following abstracts) such tooth veneers serve for no shorter than a decade.
    • These options don’t feature metallic substructures, meaning these are safe options reacting to no chemical compounds and cause zero allergenic reactions.
    • Zirconium coverings are known for resistance to stains even the ones that are thought to be difficult to eliminate, including coffee and nicotine stains.
    • Solidity is one more distinct characteristic. Thanks to this feature, they can keep the desired shape for a prolonged time period.
    • These inserts feel comfortable in patient’s mouth and thanks to the lack of metal substructures don’t cause any unpleasant metallic taste.


    • Zirconia veneer cementation is a lasting procedure requiring a high level of expertise from dental specialists, which causes additional expenditures for a patient.
    • It takes some time to prepare your tooth enamel for this type of dental implantation.
    • It’s extremely hard to adjust Zr implants once they’re fitted.

    Why are they More Effective Compared to Alternatives?

    A number of customers find clinic’s price offered by us in the Brickell City Centre high, unaffordable. We suggest taking into account these zirconia veneers benefits making it more efficient in comparison to competitive ones:

    • Zirconium is 10 times more solid than your enamel, meaning it’s more durable than any other ceramic material utilized for such purposes.
    • Metallic supports absent. Thanks to this feature, coverings are lighter than other options and safer for client’s dents.
    • Gold is the only solution featuring the capability to compete against zirconium in terms of biocompatibility.

    Implantation Process

    Dental specialists working in our clinic located in the heart of Miami very close to Brickell Avenue prefer a cautious approach ensuring the implantation process if finished with the best possible results desired by clients.

    Consultation and Diagnostic

    Before a specialist decides whether a patient needs this implant type, a specialist must make sure there’s the proper amount of enamel enabling good bonding. If it’s worn down, an alternative treatment will be suggested.


    The second step is to determine the desired shape through modeling. This is usually done by applying cutting-edge digital imaging.

    Sanitation, Preparation for Installation

    Before the implantation session, client’s mouth cavity needs to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. This may involve removing a small amount of enamel.


    Once the previous steps are done, the specifications and characteristics are redirected to a special lab where experienced technicians manufacture your covers. The manufacturing process typically takes several weeks to complete. This timeframe is necessary to ensure the highest quality and precise fabrication. Once the design is finalized, the material is milled into the desired shape and size using specialized milling machines. This step requires precision and expertise to create implants that fit seamlessly. While the manufacturing process may take several weeks, it is essential to maintain the highest quality standards to meet the patient’s specific needs.

    Fitting and Fixation

    During the veneer-fitting appointment, the dentist places the ready covers to assess their compatibility with your new smile. Any adjustments can be made at this stage.

    Before and After Zirconia Veneers

    Care Tips

    • Take care of your oral hygiene: Brush your oral cavity at least twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.
    • Avoid excessive force when biting or chewing.
    • Minimize staining agents: Limit the consumption of staining agents such as coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco.
    • Wear a mouthguard: This is relevant if you engage in contact sports or suffer bruxism.
    • Regular check-ups: Visit a specialist for check-ups and efficient cleanings.


    How Long Do Zirconia Veneers Last?

    The average zirconia veneers lifespan is around 10-15 years. Some zirconia veneers reviews say that in some cases, the utilization period might be even longer. This aspect depends on the material quality and price of veneer teeth.

    What is the Difference Between Porcelain Dental Veneers and Zirconia?

    The process of ZR coating installation requires fewer preparation sessions because the high-translucent zirconium oxide in thick veneers is more solid than ceramic materials.

    How to Choose the Color of Zirconia Tooth Veneers?

    Consider the desired shade, complexion, natural tooth color, and other visual features you expect to be enhanced with a dentistry veneer.

    Which is Better Zirconia or Porcelain Thick Veneers?

    Zirconia veneers vs porcelain is a common challenge. It’s easy to resolve if you know exactly what you want. In case you aim to find a solid tool, zirconium is better.

    Why Do Dental Veneers Need to be Replaced

    There are various circumstances under which this procedure becomes necessary. The most common ones are changes in the gum line, discoloration, chipping, or damage caused by accidents or dental issues.

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