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    Zirconium Veneers

    Zirconium Veneers are thin glass-ceramic plates 0.3-0.5 mm thick, which are attached to the front of the teeth with the help of special cement. This is a kind of micro-prosthesis that allows you to adjust the shape, position and color of teeth, eliminating aesthetic defects and protecting teeth from decay.

    Veneers are needed when:

    • the edge of the tooth is chipped or pointed;
    • there is a diastema (the gap between the central teeth);
    • the teeth are disproportionate in size;
    • there are chips, fractures (“sports” injuries);
    • there is yellowness and stains on the teeth;
    • teeth darken as a result of injuries, diseases and age-related changes in the body;
    • old unaesthetic fillings;
    • violations of the development of enamel;
    • wedge-shaped defect;
    • teeth with a short clinical crown;
    • malocclusion;
    • periodontal tissue pathology;
    • progressive abrasion of teeth;
    • uneven dentition.

    The advantage of veneers

    • ceramic veneer is indistinguishable from a real tooth due to partial transparency, which allows light rays to penetrate the veneer and reflect on the tooth tissue;
    • no stains remain on ceramic veneers – their ceramic surface is smooth and impervious to food colors;
    • minimum necessary preparation of the tooth;
    • durability.

    This kind of veneers are made according to individual patient prints in special dental laboratories. We value the health of our patients and adhere to high standards in our work, which is why all our laboratories are located in Florida, and our patients receive high quality work that meets all US standards.

    If you need additional information, please contact us by number (407) 989-9999. You can also write us in an online chat.

    Composite resin veneer

    Composite resin veneer is a unique method of artistic restoration of teeth, when the doctor recreates the appearance of the front surface of the tooth using a composite material.


    Direct veneers are recommended for patients wanting to hide the aesthetic flaws of a smile:

    • chips;
    • yellowness;
    • disproportionate tooth size;
    • old fillings;
    • wedge-shaped defect;
    • malocclusion;
    • diastema (too large a gap between the front teeth);
    • uneven dentition;
    • teeth with a short crown.


    – Composite resin veneer can be installed in one session

    – Affordable price

    – The teeth do not need grinding, removing the enamel layer – alive teeth are in no way damaged;


    Direct veneers are best set in cases where you need to correct a smile urgently, and also if an aesthetic correction is needed only temporarily. Most often they are applied to the front teeth, which are subjected to less chewing loads than the lateral ones.