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    Partials & Dentures

    Parciales y dentaduras postizas Brickell



    Edentulism is a clinical problem that at some point might occur in different individuals. This severe aesthetic complication might be caused by various periodontal issues, including poor oral hygiene routine, gum infections & inflammations, unaddressed cavities, dental injuries, etc. This challenge requires professional orthodontic interference and the application of high-quality solutions to be resolved with desired effects achieved. That’s why, if you suffer from this dentistry problem, experts suggest that you need to learn more about our advanced professional services of dentist for partial dentures in Brickell, Miami.

    Prostheses and All on Dentures Dentist in Brickell, Miami: Personal Treatment for A Healthy Radiant Smile

    Dental partials refer to removable appliances replacing a few decayed units within the mouth cavity. These partials include ceramic or alternative human-crafted teeth placed on a gum-colored base, designed to fit snugly and blend with remaining denticle units and soft gingiva tissues.

    All on 4 dentures refer to fixed and complete stomatology restoration instruments suitable for patients facing a complete edentulism. These sophisticated artificial prostheses are affixed to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone. The name “all-on” signifies that the attachment spans an entire arch. This cutting-edge but invasive approach guarantees enhanced firmness and durability, allowing patients to enjoy a good bite function.

    While partials cater to partial tooth loss and are created removable, all-on dentures cater to full denticle decay and are fixed, permanent inserts secured by underlying prostheses. Both treatment methods serve as efficient ways for improving chewing ability, speech, and general rima oris health, enabling individuals to forget about any mouth-condition-related insecurity. Consulting with a qualified dentist at BrickellDentalCare is essential to understanding which therapy suits the patient’s periodontal objectives and goals.

    Key Benefits of Our Dentistry Therapy Instruments

    • Enhanced Aesthetics: BrickellDentalCare prostheses fill in gaps caused by missing teeth, enhancing the appearance of the smile and boosting self-esteem.
    • Rehabilitated Functionality: Thanks to partials, people speak, eat, and chew effectively, boosting general oral function.
    • Preserves Natural Structure: They help prevent adjacent denticles from shifting into the gaps, preserving the natural alignment of the mouth.
    • Affordability: This approach is a budget-friendly option for dealing with edentulism compared to other restoration services.

    Types of Flexible Partial Dentures Near You offered by BrickellDentalCare

    Unparalleled cutting-edge types of partial dentures near you at BrickellDentalCare, Miami, are crafted to satisfy different patients’ needs and eliminate various periodontal threats. Take a closer look at the denture repair options we offer in our clinic:

    • Removable Dentures for All Teeth: They provide a full set of replacement teeth for upper/lower jaws. These artificial implants can be effortlessly taken out for cleaning, making them convenient for efficient oral hygiene maintenance.
    • Upper/Lower Partial Dentures: Attachments designed to replace multiple missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, leaving healthy natural teeth intact. These functional inserts restore the functionality of missing teeth, allowing clients to chew food with less effort and speak with more clarity.
    • Implant-Supported Prostheses: Tools anchored to special implants attached to the jawbone in a surgical way. This additional treatment offers superior stability and reduces slippage during day-to-day activities. The presence of underlying inserts stimulates the bone, preventing bone loss and securing facial aesthetics. With implant-supported prostheses, it becomes possible to apply a stronger bite force, allowing people to preserve their specific nutritional habits, enjoy a more varied diet and eat a wider range of foods.

    Flexible Partial Dentures Cost with Insurance and Without

    Once people find out which method they should target the edentulism problem with, one of the first questions they are concerned about is how much do partial dentures cost without insurance and with it. Take a look at the table of prices for basic services available at BrickellDentalCare:

    Service Minimum Price
    Denture $1,475
    All on four dentures $13,000 per arch
    Full implant $2,999

    BrickellDentalCare offers affordable dentures near me because we realize the importance of keeping the oral cavity and all its units in proper condition. Pay attention that the average cost of the services depends on the treatment complexity. For instance, permanent partial dentures for front teeth might appear more expensive compared to temporary alternatives since permanent solutions are crafted from solid materials and aren’t designed to be removable. Also, pay attention to the availability of special dentistry coverage plans as insurance financing makes treatment cheaper.

    Treatment Process Described Step by Step

    1. Consultation and Assessment: The process begins with a thorough consultation with the dentist, where the patient’s oral health is assessed, and the suitability for a specific treatment method is determined.
    2. Dental Impression: Once the decision for the useful method is made, the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth and gums. This impression serves as a blueprint for creating custom-fitted implants.
    3. Design and Fabrication: Based on the dental impression, the dental laboratory designs and fabricates the prostheses to ensure a precise fit and natural appearance.
    4. Try-in Appointment: The patient tests the implant to assess their comfort, fit, and aesthetics. Any necessary adjustments are made at this stage.
    5. Final Placement: The dentist places the final version of the solution in the patient’s mouth. The dentures are secured using clasps that attach to the adjacent natural teeth.
    6. Bite and Speech Adjustment: The dentist checks the patient’s bite and speech and makes any necessary adjustments for optimal functionality.
    7. Post-Placement Instructions: The patient receives instructions on how to care for and maintain the implanted tools.
    8. Follow-up Appointments: Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the patient’s comfort.
    9. Adaptation Period: Patients may need some time to adapt to wearing dentures, especially when it comes to eating and speaking. 

    Why Choose BrickallDentalCare, Miami

    The affordable average cost of partial dentures isn’t the only benefit of BrickellDentalCare in Miami. We also offer:

    • The assistance of highly-skilled and professional specialists who have many years of experience in implanting the most sophisticated dental prostheses to provide healthy and radiant smiles.
    • Access to cutting-edge technologies, techniques, and materials, that allow our orthodontist to ensure a 100% effective treatment process at all stages, starting from diagnosis and ending up with follow-up appointments.
    • Individual approach to every patient ensures proper comfort and choice of suitable solutions to satisfy personal needs and preferences.
    • Location in Brickell, downtown Miami, suitable for the vast majority of citizens.


    “I’m very satisfied with the quality of services I received at BrickellDentalCare! Now I can forget about being insecure because of my smile!” — John.

    “This clinic provided me with comprehensive dental assistance and helped to restore my oral health. I could hardly think that such complex dental services could be so affordable in Miami. Thank you!” — Jacob.

    “Everything went perfectly. My dentist was very attentive to all my suggestions. Now the implants fit perfectly and I see almost no difference between them and my natural teeth. BrickellDentalCare is the best!” — Amelia.

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