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    Zirconium crowns

    Corona de dientes

    Tooth crowns

    Zirconia crowns in Brickell

    Seeking efficient methods to revitalize your unique smile and make it flatter attractive again? Zirconium dental crowns help everyone reach these lucrative purposes allowing low expenditures and promising maximum effects. Continue reading to find out the amount of money necessary to conduct the therapy and realize why you should contact experts in the Brickel City Center clinic addressing this common but often complicated matter.

    Why do you even need such a treatment? Supporting fine oral health is essential not only to enhance a beautiful grin but also to reach overall happiness. Particular procedures play a crucial role in blocking diseases, maintaining healthy oral cavity, and preserving the functionality of the mouth. These specific services deal with frequent concerns such as malocclusion and denticle loss, improving and enhancing quality of life.

    What are zirconium crowns and bridges?

    Before addressing the problem, it’s recommended to make sure the therapy choice is relevant. To begin with, we’re going to tell about instruments which are known as zirconium tooth caps and aimed to renovate worn-down parts. Doctors recommend curing in such a way in cases when patients have tried to restore denticles multiple times, which led them to lose their original shape. Special artificial denticles are manufactured to hide this and highlight a natural-looking appearance with no obvious visual impairments. It positively affects one’s overall well-being. A healthy and attractive smile improves interpersonal relationships, enhances communication, and boosts opportunities in personal and professional spheres. It also has a positive psychological influence, promoting a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and improved quality of life. It is important in terms of boosting confidence, maintaining oral health, and improving overall well-being. It’ll allow individuals to feel more comfortable, enhance their appearance, and enjoy many other advantages.

    How much are dental crowns going to take from your budget?

    A tariff is determined according to the material applied and the number of instruments required for the therapy. Examine our pricing to realize the offering is a good fit meeting your budget capabilities.

    Table: Zirconium crowns cost

    Service Price
    Diagnosis/Consultation Free
    Smile design consultation Free
    Basic covering starts at $899
    Set of 10 starts at $8000
    Set of 20 starts at $15000
    Same-day involvement starts at $599

    Have more specific questions regarding clinic’s pricing policy? Contact us to get these concerns answered! Our health center is transparent and always open to your request, so feel free to communicate with our specialists and speak on any adjustments you find important during the therapy. As you see, our clinic, located in the heart of Miami, aims to meet customers’ needs not only in terms of service quality and visual aesthetics but also in terms of price of crowns teeth. By offering an affordable tariff, we enable everyone to eliminate mouth health issues in a convenient and budget-friendly way. We believe such an approach will stimulate you to reconsider your previous attitude to such procedures and will motivate you to look for ways of improvement. Since these ways are available with us, don’t miss the chance and use your opportunity to boost your oral health and general well-being!

    Why is the demand for zirconium in dentistry constantly growing?

    The demand for such involvement available in downtown Miami will keep increasing due to clear circumstances. Utilization of these devices offers stunning outcomes, closely resembling the original legitimate look. What’s more, they are thick, ensuring their reliability and long-term utilization.

    Fabrication technology

    Using modern cutting-edge technologies and techniques, experienced technicians are able to create high-quality coating much faster than before. The quality of such instruments has increased as well. This is the benefit from the customers’ point of view from the time-saving perspective but they should consider that the front tooth crown cost is also driven by the peculiarities of manufacturing and sophistication of top-notch devices.

    1. The manufacturing process begins with digital scanning of the customer’s oral cavity to generate a 3D model, serving as the implantation basis. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is utilized to customize the insert according to the patient’s specific needs and appearance preferences.
    2. Once it’s finalized, it is transferred to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) equipment, where zirconia blocks are milled to create the coating’s framework. Milling utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and diamond-coated tools to achieve exceptional precision and accuracy.
    3. After the framework is milled, it undergoes a series of refining and shading sessions to achieve the desired color and translucency. Skilled technicians then apply multiple layers of specialized porcelain to the framework, carefully mimicking the natural appearance. The porcelain is carefully fused with the zirconia framework using advanced heat and pressure techniques to ensure a strong bond and long-lasting restoration.
    4. The final step involves thorough quality control checks, including fit, appearance, and functionality, to ensure the tool meets the highest standards. The meticulous manufacturing technology allows the production of implants exhibiting excellent fit, durability, and natural look, providing everyone with reliable and aesthetically pleasing oral restorations.


    • Aesthetics and natural appearance: The natural look is a significant factor that motivates individuals to invest in zirconium caps. The installation process is a straightforward treatment that helps people achieve excellent, lifelike results.
    • Exclusion of gum changes: Zirconium caps are simply coverings and differ from implantation procedures. During the therapy, the patient’s gums remain unaffected. Crowning is not a substitution but a way to conceal damage or defects.
    • Biocompatibility: The teeth crown price seems reasonable due to their biocompatible nature. They are well-tolerated by the body, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or adverse effects. This feature is attributed to the unique chemical properties of Zr, an oxide alloy that does not cause chemical reactions within the mouth cavity. Consequently, Zr solutions suit a wide range of candidates, including those with heightened sensitivity or allergies to other dentistry materials.
    • Thermal isolation: These inserts have low thermal conductivity due to the fact they are created of an oxide alloy with great thermal isolation properties. This characteristic prevents rapid heat transfer, making them highly resistant to temperature changes. Thanks to this, they help to avoid the high sensitivity of damaged/weakened parts, ensuring you won’t experience any unpleasant feelings or discomfort when enjoying ice cream or hot soup. The feature also protects the underlying form. By acting as a barrier to temperature fluctuations, Zr coating prevents thermal stress, reducing the risk of microfractures or damage.
    • Solidity, lightweight, and high crack resistance: Zirconium porcelain crowns full veneers offer exceptional durability and resilience against fractures. These restorations can withstand the forces of biting and chewing, providing clients with reliable and functional results. Their lightweight nature also minimizes the impact on bone structure and gums, reducing the replacement necessity and associated costs.
    • Minimal impact on hard tissue: The application involves conservative preparation techniques, preserving the natural form as much as possible. The approach ensures cure efficiency while maintaining healthier conditions during the procedure. Furthermore, it enhances resistance to chewing forces and temperature changes post-treatment, promoting long-term oral health.
    • Ideal option fixing the bite height: With its high tensile strength and resistance to wear, Zr can withstand the forces exerted during biting and chewing, providing long-lasting stability to the bite.

    Disadvantages of the treatment

    • Dentist crown cost: The tariffs for general dentistry coatings are not low. While our dentistry health center, located in the heart of Miami very close to Brickell Avenue, strives to offer customer-oriented pricing, there are valid reasons why Zr products tend to be more expensive than other options. During the consultations, you can determine if such an investment fits your budget.
    • Thickness: Zirconia solutions necessitate a specific thickness to ensure sufficient strength, which may involve the removal of natural structure during the preparation process. This aspect raises concerns for some individuals.
    • Wear on opposing parts: Due to its solidity and hardness, such a solution often causes damage to the opposing units. The excessive wear of neighboring parts requires additional medical involvement to be avoided, but it can be prevented with the proper care.

    Indications and contraindications for prosthetics caused by side effects of zirconium crowns


    • Decay restoration: Zr coating is specifically designed to treat severe decay of the natural formation while providing a durable and solid cap for protection.
    • Improving the appearance: With its high level of transparency, these are an ideal choice for individuals seeking to address discoloration issues and reach a more natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing smile.
    • Correcting shape: Zr caps are effective in concealing noticeable shape irregularities caused by previous operations and medical involvement, such as cracks or imperfections.


    • Insufficient tooth structure: It’s important to note that offered tools are not standalone implants. They require an adequate underlying formation to provide support and functionality. Insufficient structure may compromise the effectiveness of the prosthesis.
    • Gum diseases: In the course of the diagnosis session, a specialist is obliged to determine if an individual is eligible for medical involvement. If gum diseases are detected, they should be addressed first to avoid further potential complications. If contraindications are absent, treatment becomes more prolonged and increases the price for crowns teeth.
    • Bruxism: Ones who suffer a habit of grinding/clenching may not be ideal candidates. The reason seems prosaic: the excessive forces lead to premature wear or fracture of the restoration.

    Stages of installation of zirconia prostheses

    1. Diagnosis/Consultation: The doctor and patient have a detailed discussion about their goals, expectations, and the associated cost of dental crowns, including zirconia coverings, to determine if they align with the patient’s needs.
    2. Planning: A comprehensive plan is created, outlining the number of units required, the desired design, and the expected outcome, taking into consideration the dentist crown cost.
    3. Preparation: The specialist removes a thin layer of enamel from the teeth in a careful manner to create space for crowning placement, considering the financial aspect discussed during the consultation.
    4. Impressions: Denticles’ impressions are taken using either dental putty or advanced digital scanning technology, capturing accurate measurements for the prostheses fabrication, while keeping in mind the pre-determined treatment price.
    5. Temporary Prostheses: Temporary implants may get placed on the prepared teeth to provide protection and aesthetics during the fabrication process of the permanent caps. The fifth step takes into account the pre-discussed dentist crown cost.
    6. Try-in and adjustments: Once the covering is ready, the client returns to the medical center for a try-in. The prostheses are checked for fit, comfort, and aesthetics. Any necessary adjustments are set.
    7. Final placement: After everything is adjusted and agreed, the devices are permanently bonded or cemented using special dental adhesive.

    Caring recommendations

    • Practice good oral hygiene
    • Avoid hard or sticky foods
    • Choose a non-abrasive toothpaste
    • Visit a dentist for check-ups and cleanings on a regular basis
    • Wear a mouthguard when participating sports/activities causing related trauma and injuries
    • Avoid biting/chewing on hard objects
    • Avoid smoking/excessive alcohol consumption
    • Notify specialists if you experience any unpleasant discomfort/high-temperature changes sensitivity
    • Follow specific care instructions provided.

    Can any harder complications occur?

    Complications occur if one has allergenic reactions (which is very rare) or when a user experiences an inadequate prostheses fit. In most cases, Zr material doesn’t cause gum irritation and doesn’t suffer discolorations serving an extended period of time.


    What are better crowns – lithium disilicate or zirconium crowns?

    The biggest advantage of zirconium over lithium is that it’s the most solid ceramic material currently used in dentistry.

    How long does it take a lab to make zirconium crowns?

    The entire process isn’t supposed to take more than a couple of weeks but this depends on specific individual’s needs and general case complexity.

    Zirconium crowns: how long do they last?

    With proper care and maintenance, they last for many years, potentially even surpassing a decade.

    What is better – porcelain ceramic or zirconium crowns?

    Compared to materials like porcelain, zirconia has limited translucency. While it can be color-matched to natural teeth, it may not possess the same level of translucency and light reflection, which can slightly affect the overall aesthetic result.