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    Dental Fillings

    Dental Fillings

    Tooth filling is the most popular service in dentistry. This treatment method helps to restore the shape and function of a decayed tooth with a filling, which is individually selected for each patient.

    Brickell Dental Care uses fillings made of a light-curing material filled with zirconium and silicon particles. Thereby a filling can be put on any surface of the tooth, its wear resistance increases and gives a natural appearance to the tooth. The presence of an adhesive system firmly holds the filling on the tooth. In addition, the filling can be matched to the color of the patient’s tooth enamel.

    Thanks to modern anesthesia, the dental filling process is completely painless.

    Dental filling in Brickell Dental Care is a quick and inexpensive procedure. Make an appointment now and we will find the most convenient treatment time for you!

    Why is it necessary to change amalgam fillings?

    Amalgam is a mixture of solid metals with mercury. The property of mercury to dissolve some metals allows the mixture to take the form of a tooth cavity easily, and then the filling hardens.

    Nowadays, such mixtures as copper, silver amalgam and the so-called high copper amalgam (silver amalgam with a significant number of copper) are mostly used. The amalgam is mainly used for back teeth filling.

    Various diseases are often detected by dentists in patients using amalgam fillings. Mercury intoxication (poisoning) of the body and monitoring of diseases, arised as a result of intoxication, allow us to conclude that using amalgam as a filling material is unreasonable.

    Many doctors claim that mercury vapors can be released from an amalgam filling during friction – for example, chewing. Even if the contact with them lasts only a minute, they are still toxic. Further, mercury enters the lungs, from where it is absorbed into the blood and spreads throughout the body. It settles in the kidneys, liver, and brain.

    At Brickell Dental Care we can replace your old amalgam fillings with modern, that will blend in perfectly with the natural color of your tooth.

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    The inlay (inlays and onlays) is a part of a tooth completely replacing lost tissue.

    Instead of the usual fillings, Brickell Dental Care dentists recommend restoring the tooth with zirconium inlays, lasting 3 times longer, in compare with usual fillings, and preserving the integrity of your tooth for many years!

    Visiting the dentist only for examinations – is real now!

    9 reasons to use a reliable and durable inlay instead of a filling:

    1. The inlay, reproducing the shape and tissue of the tooth, is strong and durable.
    2. The inlay life time is 20-25 years and longer; it is 3 times more than a filling life time in a badly damaged tooth.
    3. Setting inlays is saving your tooth from further damage modern filling materials cannot preserve.
    4. Setting inlays instead of fillings you are saving money avoiding re-treatment after 3-5 years.
    5. Fillings erase faster and must be changed. Due to the violation of its anatomical shape, the bite is fixing in a different way, the tooth no longer chews food and you have to make extra efforts to chew. It negatively affects the joints of the jaws, provoking their diseases.
    6. Zirconium is a durable material withstanding any chewing and temperature loads. This is the only tooth restoration option helping to avoid subsequent removal of the nerve and the crown installation.
    7. Some time after the installation of a usual filling, bacteria penetrate under the edge between the tooth and the filling. It provokes secondary caries occurring and tooth decaying.
    8. Zirconium, inlays are made of, is well perceived by the surrounding tissues and is biocompatible with tooth tissues.
    9. Zirconium inlays are made by the CAD / CAM method using computer programs, so they have impeccable accuracy and accurately replace the part of the destroyed tooth.

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