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    Root Canal Treatment (PULPITIS TREATMENT)

    Visiting a dentist to prevent diseases of teeth and oral cavity is required 2 times a year. However, in the hustle and bustle of working days, people neglect this simple rule, and it leads to high costs and discomfort. Pulpitis is a painful inflammation, leading to complications with untimely treatment, but also it is a preventable disease.

    Pulpitis is the inflammatory process of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth (pulp). Pulp is often called a nerve. The main cause of pulpitis is the untreated on time varies. Pulpitis is an infectious complication of caries. Pulpitis also occurs due to various pathological processes in the oral cavity and tooth injuries.

    To get rid of pulpitis as early as possible and with minimal negative consequences, contact Brickell Dental Care, and we will provide you with quality and proper treatment.


    Symptoms of pulpitis include:

    • Arbitrary pain in the tooth;
    • Throbbing pain in the tooth;
    • Increased tooth sensitivity to temperature.

    Pain can be transferred to adjacent teeth and to the temple. Basically, pain manifests itself at night, causing insomnia, malaise and reducing performance. Until the tooth is cured, it is a chronic focus of infection. The asymptomatic course of the disease is also possible, as pulpitis can be chronic and acute.

    If treatment measures are not taken, it will lead to tooth loss, as well as a transition to the difficult stage – periodontitis. In this case, the tissue near the tooth will become inflamed and it will lead to the formation of granulomas and cysts. Periodontitis is more difficult in treatment than pulpitis. The outcome is usually favorable with the timely start of treatment.


    Correct diagnostics of the disease is very important because of a high cost of medical error. Therefore, the Brickell Dental Care Clinic carefully approaches the diagnosis of dental diseases. When communicating with the patient, the intensity and frequency of pain attacks is revealed in detail. Additionally, x-ray diagnostics is performed. The combination of a personal examination by the dentist and X-ray examination allows you to accurately determine the form of your disease and prescribe the required treatment.

    Pulpitis is treated at Brickell Dental Care using the latest painkillers, techniques and equipment. The dentist individually determines the number of visits needed to treat each patient. A tooth with treated canal is usually recommended to cover with acrown. It is increasing its service life, saving it from destruction in future.


    If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you. Contact us by number (407) 989-9999  or you can also fill out a feedback application on our website for us to contact you.