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    Wisdom tooth extraction

    Wisdom teeth and oral surgery

    Removing of permanent teeth requires special skills, special qualifications of the dentist. At the Brickell Dental Care Dental Clinic in Miami, this surgery is performed by highly trained doctors with extensive practical experience. Our experts have vast experience, so they can make the removal procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. At Brickell Dental Care, we also use innovative technologies, modern tools and an individual approach to each patient.

    Wisdom tooth extraction

    Removing wisdom teeth is a fairly relevant surgical operation. Normally a erupted and growing wisdom tooth is a rare occurrence, most often this tooth element brings pain and discomfort to its owner. Removing a wisdom tooth, according to the dental classification, can be tantamount to a normal tooth extraction, but often, due to the complex location of the tooth roots, it can be a complex operation.

    Complex deletion is a more complicated job. It is performed with the dissection of the gums or periosteum, and in the removal process doctor uses special tools.

    Complex deletion may be necessary in the following cases:

    • In case of fusion of the tooth root with the jaw bone;
    • In case of incorrect positioning of wisdom teeth in the jaw;
    • When severe destruction or curvature of the roots of the tooth have occurred;
    • When removing molars with two or three roots;
    • In the presence of fistulas or cysts;
    • In case the tooth crown is too fragile.

    Recommendations after removal

    • Do not spit saliva within a day after removal – this can cause bleeding.
    • No food should be taken within 2 hours after removal – this is necessary to organize and strengthen the blood clot in the hole.
    • You cannot independently examine the hole with your finger, tongue, toothpick and other objects. This destroys the integrity of the blood clot, exposes the wound surface of the bone, and a huge amount of bacteria and their toxins rush from the oral cavity, causing pain and subsequent inflammation of the hole (alveolitis).
    • On the day of removal and, preferably, the next day, do not take a hot bath, do not go to the bathhouse. These thermal procedures dilate blood vessels and can cause bleeding from the hole.
    • It is not recommended to sleep on the side of removal and to put a palm on the cheek.
    • Do not eat spicy or very hot foods within 2-3 days after removal.

    Despite the prevailing opinion, that tooth extraction is an ordinary procedure, it is necessary to strictly follow all points, which guarantees quick and painless healing.