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    Dental Implants

    Dental Implants


    Dental implantation of teeth is an installation of a special root of titanium in the jaw, used to fix the denture (crown). Due to this technology, the entire row of teeth can be completely restored without additional grinding of healthy teeth or installation of dentures which are inconvenient to use. Today, among the implantologists, dental implantation is considered one of the most advanced and popular method.

    Basically, implantation uses a simple rule – if an object entering the body does not cause allergies, after a while it is completely accepted by the human body. Supports for prostheses – are special dental implants made of pure titanium or its alloys (sometimes zirconium dioxide or aluminum is used). The selection of material depends on which the patient does not have an allergy.

    Implants usually have a slightly elongated shape resembling the root of a tooth. It allows making the structure anatomical, distributing the load on the bone evenly and helping to take root of the object in the jaw. Engraftment is also accelerated due to the special thread, shape and surface of the implant. One crown can be installed on one implant; the implantation of several rods at once makes it possible to put a complete jaw prosthesis or bridge.


    This method is the most popular when replacing a lost tooth for a number of reasons:

    • The titanium rod is durable – following the recommendations of the prosthetist will make the implant serve you for many years;
    • Maintenance is quite simple – everything you need to maintain your prosthesis in excellent condition, a regular preventive is visiting a specialist and daily oral hygiene;
    • Wearing implants is comfortable and inconspicuous – such prostheses are not injuring the mucous membrane;
    • The bone is kept intact – the load on the bone is not increasing, therefore its thinning and degeneration are excluded;
    • Adjacent teeth are further strengthened.

    Another important advantage is the almost complete absence of contraindications. Usually, a similar prosthesis can be inserted even to those patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes mellitus.


    Understanding, that after the removal or loss of your own tooth the bone begins to atrophy over time, since the load on it disappears, it is very important. Bone is gradually thinning. Therefore, the specialists of our clinic do not recommend to delay with implantation. The maximum period is 2-3 months after extraction of your own teeth.

    At Brickell Dental Care we make an immediate implant. Implantologists will remove your tooth and install the implant in one visit. This greatly facilitates the healing of the oral cavity, since the manipulations are performed during ONE surgical operation.

    At Brickell Dental Care only US-made implants (Made in California) are used. We value the health of our patients, so we try to minimize external risks and accelerate the healing of the implant.