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    Wisdom tooth extraction

    Extracción de muelas del juicio Brickell Miami

    Wisdom teeth and oral surgery

    Toothache is one of the biggest unpleasant feelings one might experience even if they don’t suffer from any health-related impairments. The trick is that the vast majority of people are bound to face a time when the third moral growth starts. This process is often complemented by quite annoying, irritating painful senses but that’s not the only problem one can suffer. Explore wisdom teeth extraction near me in our stomatology center to gain a full understanding of this challenge and to realize the importance of choosing our professional orthodontic assistance.

    Therapy definition

    The removal is a simple orthodontic involvement aimed at detaching the third molars, often causing various rima oris issues, including overcrowding, impaction, or infection, requiring their elimination to maintain overall well-being and avoid potential condition worsening.

    The basic operation is conducted under local anesthetic or deep sedation, ensuring client’s convenience. By addressing tooth-related worries promptly, people, once the wisdom teeth extraction recovery period comes to an end, experience pain relief, annoyance, and irritation, restore proper denticle alignment, and minimize the threat of difficulties connected to molars’ expected growth.

    Wisdom teeth extraction cost

    The tariffs are affected by multiple important factors, some of which depend not even on the situation complexity but on the patient’s personal preferences/possibilities. One crucial factor is the special medical insurance covering orthodontic operations. If this specific coverage plan is non-available, the average cost of wisdom teeth extraction in Brickell can vary – $750-2,500. If a client possesses special coverage, depending on its conditions, the tariff might vary between $450-1,200.

    Plus, it’s necessary to specify – as a rule, operation is conducted with the local anesthetic solution applied. Patients, afraid of painful feelings, can choose deep sedation, but these patients are bound to realize that this optional feature increases the average wisdom teeth extraction price up to $1,500 even if coverage perks are applied. Consult specialists to learn the expected price for the service in your specific case in advance.

    wisdom teeth extraction cost v1
    Services list Average cost
    Per tooth for simple wisdom tooth extractions where the tooth is fully erupted with simple roots using only local anesthesia $75–$200
    Per tooth for impacted wisdom tooth extractions using only local anesthesia. The type of impaction can affect the price, so removing a partially erupted tooth is less expensive than a fully bony impaction where the tooth is completely encased in the jawbone. $225–$600
    For nitrous oxide to relax the patient. $40–$90
    For general anesthetic to put the patient to sleep. $250–$800
    wisdom teeth extraction cost v2
    Services list Average cost
    Simple WISDOM Extraction (per tooth) $75-$200
    WISDOM teeth (total for all four) $300-$1000
    Impacted Extraction (per tooth) surgery wisdom tooth extraction $225-$600
    Impacted Extraction (total for all four) surgery wisdom tooth extraction or $1000-$3000
    Additional costs (panoramic x-ray of teeth, exam fees, sedation) $50-$900

    What’s wrong with additional molars?

    Third molars lead to unpleasant stomatology-related challenges due to their late growth and limited development space. Common issues related to wisdom teeth growth include impaction – denticle units do not emerge full or grow at an angle, leading to aches and even infections. Moreover, they contribute to overcrowding, pushing against neighboring ones and disrupting dental alignment.

    Additional molars location and positioning make denticles difficult to clean, increasing the risk of dental caries, gingiva inflammations, and cavities. In rare instances, cysts or tumors appear around impacted molars, posing additional health concerns. To avoid these frequent difficulties and maintain optimal mouth health, individuals opt for the problematic units removal, using a special procedure performed by specialists in BrickellDentalCare clinic. On-time evaluation and regular dental check-ups play a crucial role in identifying plausible issues with molars and determining the appropriate action course.

    Reasons to consider professional emergency wisdom tooth extraction BrickellDentalCare

    • Impaction: Impaction is where they remain trapped beneath the gingiva line. This can result in aches, leading to a significant destruction of neighboring areas.
    • Decay/cavities: Due to their location, third molars are considered to be more prone to decay. Expert removal reduces common oral health issues risks.
    • Orthodontic treatment: If a person is undergoing any invasive dentistry cure, removing extra molars may be vital to create minimum needed space for the desired tooth movement.
    • Preventive measure: Even in the absence of current concerns, professional orthodontists suggest using the operation as a preventive measure helping to avoid plausible complications that may arise.
    • Sinus problems: Extra molars in the upper jaw can extend close to sinuses and facilitate sinus issues. Removing them can alleviate these frequent difficulties.
    • Personal preference: Multiple individuals prefer to get extra molars removed proactively, considering the potential impediments and inconveniences they may cause.

    Possible after-operation risks

    • Bleeding: It’s normal when a small amount of blood appears, but excessive or prolonged bleeding happens in rare cases. The side effect of that extent requires medical attention.
    • Swelling/bruising: Face swelling after wisdom teeth extraction in Brickell is common and, as a rule, subsides within quicker than a week. However, excessive symptoms may occur in certain individuals.
    • Jaw stiffness: Patients may suffer from temporary jaw stiffness or difficulty in fully opening mouths as a result of the operation. This side effect tends to disappear in several days.
    • Adverse reactions to anesthesia: Anesthesia is commonly used during the removal, and while complications are rare to occur, a minimal risk of adverse reactions or side effects associated with anesthetics applied remains.

    BrickellDentalCare will prepare everyone

    This medical involvement requires in-advance preparation if you want it to proceed 100% according to your personal preferences. BrickellDentalCare specialists suggest adhering to this step-by-step guide:

    1. Dentistry consultation: Schedule a consultation with a dentist to discuss the procedure.
    2. Medical history review: Provide an orthodontist with a comprehensive medical history.
    3. Pre-operative guidance: Follow pre-operative instructions given by the treatment provider.
    4. Arrange transportation: Since the process may involve anesthesia, arrange for a friend or family member to take you to and from the clinic on the treatment day.
    5. Stock up on supplies: Purchase soft foods and beverages to consume throughout the healing period.
    6. Gather necessary post-operative supplies: Obtain prescribed medications, pain relievers, or antibiotics that you will need. Consult with a specialist regarding their use.

    Questions to ask orthodontic surgeons before and after impacted wisdom tooth removal Brickell Dental Care

    How long does the typical treatment take?

    The duration of wisdom teeth extraction can vary depending on the complexity of your case. On average, the procedure typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

    When can I brush my teeth after wisdom teeth extraction?

    It’s important to be gentle when resuming oral hygiene. You can start brushing your teeth the day after the extraction, but be cautious around the surgical sites. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and avoid vigorous brushing.

    Are there any risks or side effects associated with the anesthetics applied?

    Anesthetics are generally safe when administered by our experienced professionals. Risks and side effects are minimal but can include temporary numbness, tingling, or soreness at the injection site.

    How long does it usually take to heal?

    Healing time varies from person to person. Typically, you can expect initial healing within a few days to a week, but complete recovery may take several weeks.

    Why do my other teeth hurt after wisdom tooth extraction in Brickell?

    It’s not uncommon to experience mild discomfort in surrounding teeth as they adjust to the changes in your mouth after the extraction. This discomfort should subside over time.

    Are there any specific after-surgery recommendations to oblige, such as dietary restrictions or oral care routines?

    Yes, we will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions, including dietary restrictions and oral care routines. Following these instructions is crucial for a smooth recovery.

    What do I need to do if I feel surrounding teeth hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?

    If you experience persistent discomfort in your surrounding teeth, please contact our office. It may be a temporary adjustment, but it’s essential to have it evaluated.

    Are special medical solutions relieving aches or antibiotics necessary after the surgery? Are there any potential side effects or interactions with other medications I am taking?

    We may prescribe pain medication or antibiotics as needed after the surgery. It’s important to inform us about any medications you are currently taking to avoid potential interactions. We will discuss this during your consultation.

    Third molar extraction BrickellDentalCare procedure stages

    1. Medication administration: The orthodontist will administer the chosen type of sedative medication to ensure the patient is enjoys provided conditions and doesn’t feel painful invasive involvement.
    2. Accessing the denticle under the treatment: The periodontist will create an incision in the gingiva to expose the extra molar and nearby gingiva.
    3. Exodontia: Using specialized dental devices, the surgeon will carefully loosen the denticle from the surrounding bone and gum tissue.
    4. Cleaning and suturing: After the unit is extracted, the site will be cleaned to remove any debris.
    5. Post-operative instructions: Detailed instructions on how to care for the removal site will be provided, including guidelines for mouth hygiene, dietary restrictions, and medication usage.
    6. Wisdom teeth extraction healing period: The patient will need to rest and allow the site to heal properly.
    7. Follow-up visit: The dental surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor the treatment progress and deal with any difficulties if they occur.

    After wisdom tooth surgery Brickell

    As you understand, our specialist will provide you with all the instructions specific to your case. What we can tell you now is that you should be prepared that there are specific foods to eat after wisdom teeth extraction. The list includes products that are easy to chew, such as pudding or smoothies, cooked vegetables, soups, oatmeal, etc. Be ready that this will be your menu for the rest 7 days at least.

    Possible problems when to call the doctor

    • Excessive bleeding that does not subside or continues for an extended period after dental surgery Brickell.
    • Severe or worsening pain that is not relieved by prescribed pain medication.
    • Persistent swelling or inflammation that worsens over time.
    • Difficulty breathing, swallowing, or speaking.
    • Numbness or loss of sensation in the lips, tongue, or chin area.
    • Unpleasant or foul odor from the mouth.
    • Persistent or worsening numbness or tingling sensation in the surgical area.

    Wisdom teeth extraction near me at BrickellDentalCare

    Molars treatment isn’t a big deal for true specialists who work in our clinic located at 65 SE, 9th St, Miami, FL 33131 best place where you can receive safe and expert wisdom teeth extraction near me in Brickell! Call (407) 989 9999 to arrange a consultation appointment for safe wisdom tooth removal BrickellDentalCare.