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    Soft denture 

    Soft dentures are made just like traditional dentures; however, there is one major difference: the inner lining of the base is made with a flexible resin. This means that your dentures will provide greater comfort while still maintaining stability enough to still bite into an apple.

    Soft (flexible) dentures are an excellent modern alternative to traditional rigid structures made of acrylic. They are usually used in the absence of a large number of teeth. Soft prostheses are made of nylon or modern Acri-Free material, due to which they are flexible and plastic.

    Installation indications

    • The absence of one or more teeth in the mouth.
    • Complete absence of teeth (edentulous).
    • Terminal defects of the dentition.

    Benefits of soft dentures

    1. Excellent aesthetic qualities. The materials used for the manufacture are outwardly similar to healthy teeth and real soft tissues of the oral cavity.
    2. Minimal tissue trauma. Soft elastic structures are perfectly fixed on the gums, and there is no need to grind teeth for installation.
    3. High biocompatibility. The material from which the structures are made does not contain harmful additives, does not cause allergic reactions and rejection.
    4. Comfort with constant wear. Flexible removable dentures allow you to evenly distribute the chewing load and do not put pressure on the gums or rub.
    5. Minimum adaptation period. Most patients quickly get used to wearing such devices, since this does not cause any difficulties.

    Most of the reviews of both patients and doctors about soft dentures are positive. Soft structures are the best option for prosthetics if the patient is allergic to other materials.


    1. Flexible nylon dentures are orthopedic constructions made from high quality polymers. With their help, it is possible to restore both one tooth and the entire dentition, depending on the indications.
    2. Acri-Free is the name of the material and prosthesis from which it is made. Such designs are distinguished by greater aesthetics and are not inferior in strength to nylon products. Acrylic-free dentures are hypoallergenic, lightweight, do not injure the gums during installation and operation, the habituation period is easy.

    Installation process

    First of all, the doctor performs a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity, and then, using a plastic material, receives an impression of the patient’s jaw. According to it, in the dental laboratory, ready-made forms are cast and prostheses are made. This takes 1-32 weeks.

    To obtain a finished design, at least two fittings are required. If required, correction is performed, then the prosthesis is installed and can be used by the patient. He can easily remove it, carry out hygiene procedures and put it back on his own.

    Here at Brickell Dental Care we are using a local lab. We are not sending any dental cases out of US. Please feel free to call our dental front desk if you are looking for any additional information regarding dental dentures or if you have any questions at (407) 989-9999