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    Immediate implantation

    Tooth extraction and placing dental implant in the same day


    In most cases, this method is relevant for the smile zone – with its help, you can get rid of the aesthetic defect in the dentition and at the same time preserve the natural contour of the gums. However, placing dental implants also practice this method for the restoration of molars.

    Immediate implantation is considered when:

    • urgently required to restore the destroyed or missing;
    • a decayed or severely injured tooth was removed;
    • other types of prosthetics are not suitable for various reasons;
    • the patient expressed a desire to carry out this particular procedure and there are no contraindications for it.

    Is immediate implantation always possible?

    This method is used only in cases where the volume of the bone allows the implant to be placed after tooth extraction with absolutely no risk of complications. Implantation is most effective if the patient has only a few teeth left and wants to install a full denture over the entire jaw. In this case, the remaining units are removed by the doctor, and implants are installed in their place, if the patient’s health condition allows it. In some cases, you can immediately fix a prosthesis on them – thus, a person gets new teeth in just one visit.

    The main contraindication is the lack of bone tissue. For example, some patients are diagnosed with periodontitis – with this disease, there is significant bone atrophy and loosening of the teeth. Then implantation immediately after removal is not possible. Bone grafting is required.


    The first stage is preparation. The doctor conducts a consultation and examination, evaluates indications and contraindications and prescribes examinations: X-ray, CT or panoramic X-ray.  This allows you to accurately determine the condition of the teeth, bone tissue, as well as plan the treatment correctly. The doctor will determine when is the best fit for the prosthetics.

    The second stage is tooth extraction. The dentist visually assesses the condition of the bone tissue and the hole, and then determines whether it is possible to carry out one-step implantation.

    The third stage is placing a dental implant after tooth extraction. This is possible with a suitable condition of the bone tissue.

    The fourth stage is immediate loading of the implant, or fixation of the crown.

    Method advantages

    1. Minimally invasive.
    2. The number of visits to the dental implantologist is reduced to 1-3.
    3. Fast results.
    4. Accelerated healing of the gums.
    5. High degree of implant survival.
    6. Minimal risk of complications or artificial root rejection.

    Here at Brickell Dental Care we are using OCO Biomedical implants. It`s an American brand and dental implants and implant parts are made in USA.

    OCO Biomedical is the world-wide leader in selective load dental implant technology. The OCO Biomedical placement system is simple and allows the user to Logically Progress from our I-Micro to our larger diameter implants with a few easy steps. All of OCO Biomedical implants boast an impressive reported success rate of over 99%. 

    Please call our front desk if you have any questions (407) 989 99-99. 

    Also, let us know if you need any help with finance. Brickell Dental Care is a partner with Care Credit, Wells Fargo and Landing Club. It can provide 0% APR for up to 24 months. Basically you can have your dental work done now and pay them monthly with NO interest. Ask us more about finance options (407) 989 99-99.