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    Have you waited longer than needed to have cavity treated? Then you have experienced the sensitivity and sharp pain when decay reaches in your tooth’s root and pulp.  When the decay progresses and breaks through the first enamel layer, second dentin layer and a soft inside core that extends into the root in your jawbone, that is when root canal is needed to clean out the decay.

    The soft core contains a pulp which can become infected and inflamed or even dead.


    So how do you exactly know if root canal is needed?


    It can be: sensitivity to hot, cold, persistent sharp pain. Some patient may even notice discoloration of the tooth, swollen gum or pain when eating or touching the tooth. Swollen gums can lead to having a little pimple on the gum which is called gum boil, parulis or abscess.



    Root canal procedure contains couple steps before you stop feeling that “killer” pain.


    1. Bacteria will be removed from tooth nerve, pulp and root.
    2. Since the area is infected by decay, antibiotics will be applied.
    3. Next, root will be filled out and sealed to prevent future decay.
    4. Dentist will prep the tooth for a dental crown and take impressions to send out to our local Miami Lab.

    Isn’t amazing how this procedure can save your tooth and is done mostly by general dentist or endodontists. The root canal treatment saves your natural tooth prevents further decay. But of course will not be as strong as it was before. The tooth will be more fragile and may easily break if not covered with a dental crown. If the root canal breaks, there is high possibility you may lose the tooth and require a dental implant and implant crown.


    Call our office and get an emergency appointment to see the dentist if needed. We offer same day treatment as your initial consultation.