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    Dental Crown is 2 visits

    When people hear a word “crown” they definitely often imagine an actual crown from the kingdom. But statistics show that people who have had dental crowns in the past have that first in mind. How ironic. Dental crown do remind an actual crown, they both cover and protect. Dental crowns are often known as “caps” that cover the tooth and look exactly like your natural neighbor teeth. Dental crowns are recommended by a dentist if you are getting a root canal treatment, and if you are wondering what root canal treatment is then click to read our previous blog.

    Another reason why dental crown may be recommended is if you have has a big cavity. Large cavities that have not reached the nerve will require a big filling which may lead to cracks and breakage of the tooth. Large fillings and cavities do need to be covered with a dental crown.

    Painful fractures can also require a new dental crown.



    Tooth is prepped and impressions are taken to send out to local Miami lab to make a porcelain/zirconia crown. While our laboratory is working on your zirconia crowns, our dental assistants make temporary crown at the office during your first visit. Zirconia and porcelain dental crowns take only two visits! Second visit is usually in two weeks when we receive the zirconia dental crown back. At your second visit temporary crown is removed and permanent zirconia crown is cemented. Enjoy your new smile!


    Call our office and get an emergency appointment to see the dentist if needed. We offer same day treatment as your initial consultation.