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    Placing an dental implant

    At Brickell Dental Care in Miami, we install only original European and American dental implants (OCO Biomedical), which have a manufacturer’s warranty and certificates of conformity.

    Our dentists at Brickell Dental Care have received professional training and are constantly improving their skills in working with various implantation systems in accordance with international standards.

    Is there a missing tooth or are all the teeth missing? Are dental implants the best solution?

    In more than 67% of cases of dental disease (missing a tooth/teeth), the most optimal way to solve the problem is to place a dental implant.

    This is an operation for the implantation of a titanium dental implant, which performs a supporting function for the dental prothesis. The placing of a dental implant is the most effective method of restoring teeth. At an affordable price for dental implants, their installation has a lot of advantages:

    – it is not necessary to shave healthy teeth;

    – it can restore any dental unit;

    – dental implants solve the problem of missing a tooth or all missing teeth;

    – the most reliable fixation of the denture;

    – high chewing efficiency;

    – protection against dental bone loss;

    – a wide selection of prostheses and brands of dental implants, such as MIS or OCO Biomedical.

    Modern technologies for manufacturing dental implants guarantee high quality and durability of products. A dental implant (for example, OCO Biomedical) serves the patient throughout his life. The most important thing in the implantation procedure is correct execution based on a reliable diagnosis, taking all the features and indications for implantation of a particular patient. At the same time, a dental implantation specialist plays a crucial role. That is why at Brickell Dental Care we pay special attention to the selection and training of all our dentists and specialists.

    Advantages of dental implants are:

    – high aesthetics;

    – durability and reliability;

    – restore functions;

    – survival rate up to 97%.

    How are dental implants placed?

    The placing of a dental implant (dental implantology) is a complex surgical operation. This is done as follows:

    1. The preparation.

    A dentist from the Brickell Dental Care clinic conducts an examination and makes panoramic X-rays and 3D scans. This allows to identify possible contraindications and determine what the price of dental implants in Miami will be in this case.

    1. The surgical stage.

    The implant is placed in the patient’s jaw under anesthesia. The wound is sewn up. After the specified period, the seams are removed. A gum shaper is installed, and then a special abutment.

    1. The orthopedic stage.

    According to the casts, a prosthetic structure is made. After complete implantation, the dental implant is placed in the patient’s oral cavity. We have a local dental lab here in Florida. This allows us to speed up the process of manufacturing prostheses and get the best results.

    The cost of the operation determination.

    Prices for dental implants are available on our website in the promo section.

    It all depends on the factors.

    1. The selected method. The operation can be one-stage (the same day dental implant) and two-stage. If you are a good candidate for dental implants, the dentist can doctooth extraction and place the dental implant on same day. Thus, the patient will receive one operation in one day instead of two. This is much easier for the patient.
    2. Materials. The price of a dental implant depends on the type and brand of the dental implant. We can offer options for any budget.
    3. The number of implants. The best option is to place from 4 to 8 implants on one jaw (All-On-4 implants, All-On-6 implants, All-On-8 implants). This issue is always considered individually.
    4. The need for bone grafting.
    5. The need for sinus lift (sinus graft, sinus augmentation or sinus procedure). This procedure is necessary for bone atrophy.

    If you are looking for a reliable dental implantation clinic in Miami, Florida, contact Brickell Dental Care. We guarantee a perfect procedure and high quality of implants. Using our medical services, you will be satisfied with the result! We use modern technologies of local anesthesia without unpleasant pain and sensations during the procedure. The placing of each implant takes 20-30 minutes thanks to proven methods.

    Brickell Dental Care offers the possibility of treatment on credit with the help of Care Credit or Landing club programs. They provide 0 % per annum for up to 24 months. This way, you can make up your treatment plan today and pay them monthly without any interest at all. If you have any questions about dental implants at Brickell Dental Care, you can always call us at (407) 989 99-99, write to us by email, or contact us in an online chat.