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    Fixed upper jaw prosthesis

    Permanent solution for replacement missing teeth (missing tooth) at Brickell Dental Care

    Loss of teeth can be encountered at any age – their health is influenced by lifestyle, diseases, injuries. However, you can restore your smile and oral health with fixed dentures. Brickell Dental Care’s dentist will select the correct design for you and place the denture on the upper jaw in a few visits. Our office is located in the heart of Miami. Please call us if you need any dental information at (407) 989-9999. We are here to help you!

    Features of non-removable options for missing tooth /teeth at Brickell Dental Care.

    Fixed options of tooth replacement are installed on teeth or on implants. The main advantages of this design:

    • long service life – you can use it for more than 10 years;
    • reliability – the prosthesis will not fall out of the mouth, will not break due to high-quality manufacturing materials and strong fixation;
    • aesthetics – in color, structure, the design completely repeats the appearance of natural teeth;
    • strength – prostheses are able to withstand heavy mechanical loads;
    • comfort – the design will not feel like a foreign body, will not interfere with eating or speaking.

    Types of fixed dentures for the upper jaw

    The type of damage and the number of lost teeth affects which type is worth choosing.

    • Veneers. These are thin plates that can successfully hide small damage: darkening, chips, cracks. Before installing them, the tooth is ground so that the veneers do not stand out from the general row. As a rule, they are made of ceramics – it is durable and wear-resistant, it looks natural.
    • Crowns. They are worn on teeth that are badly damaged. The remainder is ground and fabricated specifically for the patient, and then fixed with cement. Crowns are made of ceramics, cermets, and zirconium dioxide.
    • Dental bridges. This design looks like several crowns that are connected into one system. It is used to restore 2-4 teeth in a row. Bridges are made of ceramics, cermets, and zirconium oxide.
    • Implants. Both crowns and dental bridges can be installed not only on existing teeth, but also on implants – these are titanium constructions that are implanted directly into the bone tissue. They are installed for life. Implants do not cause discomfort in the patient, they allow to evenly distribute the chewing load.

    Non-removable prosthetics are much more comfortable for many patients, while such constructions are more durable and easier to use. The choice between different options depends on the characteristics of each patient’s problem. For example, veneers are more suitable for minor aesthetic imperfections, crowns are more suitable for single prosthetics, and bridges are more suitable for several missing teeth adjacent to each other. A Brickell Dental Care doctor will recommend the most appropriate method for a particular patient after a visual examination and diagnostic results.