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    All the Questions You Want to Ask about Dental Implants

    I recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of a dentist in a fairly unique situation. Dr. Eric Schuetz DMD, one the best dentist in South Florida, has over 25 years of experience in general dentistry. He specializes in full mouth surgical reconstruction and has performed over 75,000 extractions. Due to his amazing skill and performance in the surgical placement of Dental Implants, OCO Biomedical (USA made IMPLANTS) has chosen him as one of their representatives. Dr. Eric teaches continuing education courses for General Dentists on how to perform extraction of a tooth, wisdom teeth and placement of implants.

    The most basic fear of the patient — what to do if your dental implant is failing.

    According to the medical statistics, this happens in 1% of the cases only.
    Most often this happens due to the fault of the patient who does not comply with the postoperative period and the recommendations of the attending physician.
    Of course, the quality work of the doctor holds huge importance. Mainly, for this reason, our new patients always come based on the recommendations of our regular patients.
    The main important aspect in a successful operation is the material quality which is used by a doctor while at work.
    For example, at Affordable Dentistry of South Florida we use only American products for our implants.
    OCO Biomedical (Made in California). From my personal experience, I can truly state that they significantly differ by quality from Israeli products.
    Moreover, I would like to note that there is an individual reaction for different individual organisms and response to the foreign body.
    In such a case, there is a possibility to repeat the operation or the doctor could offer alternate options for solving the issue. Issues like: bridgepartials, dentures.

    Some patients predict the operation to be extremely painful, and it is better to make general sedation for the organism.

    Break the stereotypes and please understand that a doctor is here to help and support the patient throughout the process. He is here to help and not cause you harm. The doctor will do everything in his power to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
    Thinking outside of the box — the palpation of canals and even the most innocent fillings is not the most pleasant procedures to go through.
    Yes, even the most innocent cleansing can turn into a serious procedure if the patient does not follow the oral hygiene.
    It is worth remembering that we live in the 21st century and any manipulation which creates discomfort to people is carried out under a powerful anesthetic.
    The patient does not feel pain. He may feel some pressure, but it is worth going through and not exposing his body to the overall situation.
    Postoperative sensations can be compared with tooth extraction. If follow medical recommendations, the discomfort will pass within a day.

    One of the frequently asked questions is the durability of the implant use.

    lIf to find a good and qualified professional, who loves his job and knows all the subtleties of mastery in his profession. Moreover, uses only approved and good quality materials. In such a case, the implant can hold for a long time without a matter of changing it. If you carefully follow the basic hygienic requirements, then the risk of oral cavity diseases reduce significantly. As a result of which the duration of the implant increases significantly.

    Many patients try to investigate the questions they have regarding the implantation. Instead of asking questions directly to the specialist.
    One of the most misguided opinions that the foreign body is felt in the mouth.

    If the implant is well caught, the patient does not notice any discomfort. Based on consumer feedback, it can be concluded that the artificial tooth feels no different from a natural unit.

    There is a myth among patient that after the implantation you need to eat soft food only.

    It is completely wrong. After all, implants are capable of stand full chewing load like natural teeth. However, it is necessary to eat soft food in the first week after the implants are installed for sooner soft tissues regeneration. In a week, the patient can continue his usual lifestyle of living and eating while not limiting himself to his favorite food. In order not to hold implausible information — ask all your questions of interest directly from the doctor or the dentist. Call us by phone at + (954)534-9181 or we are always happy to see you in our office. Only in this case, you can be sure of the veracity of the information.If you wish to install an implant contact only proven medical centers to avoid various troubles and complications in the future.