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    Don’t ask Dr.Google – see a dentist

    Whitening has become a very popular procedure in our time. But what causes the yellow color of the teeth? Why do so many patients resort to whitening?
    Perfect teeth, first of all, are heredity and genes. Yes, it is important how the fetus is developed in the womb. However, after birth, nutrition and lifestyle are the main components to keep you and your teeth healthy.
    Health depends primarily on yourself: how you take care of the oral cavity, whether you brush your teeth correctly, and choose the right brush and paste and only 11-12% — from medicine.
    Have you heard that every extracted tooth makes a human closer to becoming old? Is it true?— The absence of even one tooth has great importance, especially — if it is the front one.
    But the lack of so-called molars teeth is also a problem. If the defect is not closed, the adjacent teeth begin to move.
    Teeth can move vertically, in the transverse direction, in any other — along the line of least resistance.
    They can move at an angle of 5-7 degrees. Prophylactically, we advise you to make a temporary prosthesis — to close the defect so that the teeth do not move. And then decide: to make an implant or a bridge based on nearby teeth.

    Lacking a single tooth is not an indication for intervening? Would you leave one hole in your mouth or take action and take care of it?
    Wouldn’t advise, especially molars teeth. As a rule, they are the first permanent teeth to come and wear out. The load on them is enormous.
    When they are removed, people sometimes do not pay attention and live without a tooth.
    And in 10 years, they come to us with complaints: “Doctor, the muscles on my face hurt. If a person has lost key teeth, the deformation of the dentition begins. For instance, the temporomandibular joints become sensitive. In fact, the absence of even one tooth will manifest unpleasant symptoms after 4-7 years.
    Some are afraid to insert implants since it is considered to be a surgery. Especially now when the number of oncological diseases is growing, it is scary to put «crowns» — they say their teeth are rotting and collapsing.— If the support crowns are made with high quality — there will be no damage for 8-10 years.
    Yes, if the crowns are made poorly — a “greenhouse effect” develops beneath them: food, saliva falls, which leads to tooth decay. Therefore, it is very important to find a good doctor, and not to chase cheap prices.
    Implants can be easily installed if the patient has a sufficient amount of bone tissue. The bone structure allows for manipulation and there are no contraindications. These include diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer.
    Another contraindication is severe forms of periodontal disease. This is the exposure of the gingival margin, loss of bone tissue, loose teeth, which most often are removed.
    With such disease, the doctor will refuse the care. If your tooth does not survive, how would the external foreign tooth survive? Periodontal disease is when the bone decreases and the tooth is whole. However, it must be removed which is scary.
    First of all, professional hygiene is the most important: removal of dental plaque and anti-inflammatory therapy of the gingival margin.
    Removing visible tartar is simple, but the stones are located under the gum. Sometimes it’s so far that you can’t take it off right away. In such case they make a patchwork operation: the gingival margin is peeled off, and only in this way the stone is removed. Otherwise, it will mechanically destroy the gum first, and then the bone.
    The first signs of such a problem are when the gums are bleeding, both during and without brushing. Plus visible changes: swollen gum edge bluish tint. In order to recognize the problem at an early stage, every self-respecting person should go to the dentist at least twice a year.
    However, they state that tooth denudation is an age feature, is it?-Yes, however, often common pathology is superimposed. Diabetes, blood diseases, and thyroid gland are an example.
    Young people with such diagnoses visit us from age 25 to 27 years old. Those are difficult cases, but we can cope with them. After all, the main goal of my work is to make the patient’s life better. I wish to all our subscribers to take care of their teeth from their young age.
    The most common cleaning is better than any small filling.


    If you have any questions, we are here for you or visit our office 4000 Sheridan St (Ste B) Hollywood, FL 33021.
    Your Dr.Justin