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    Invisalign & ClearCorrect

    Invisalign & ClearCorrect


    The epoch of traditional metal braces has gone – they’re expensive and hardly aesthetic. Brickell Dental Care offers a perfect alternative: Invisalign and ClearCorrect aligners will correct your teeth without much discomfort and pain caused by brackets and wires.

    Invisible aligners can be used to treat many different conditions:

    • crowding of teeth
    • crossbite
    • underbite and overbite
    • buck teeth.

    Benefits of aligners

    Unlike traditional braces, aligners are removable – you can put them off until the treatment is complete. They allow speaking, eating and performing hygiene tasks freely – you can remove the aligners at any time you need.

    Besides, such construction can be customized for your teeth and bite: it will cause minimal discomfort or irritation. No wires will trap food when eating. The aligners are hardly visible, so you can always enjoy your beautiful smile!

    How do I get my aligners?

    First, our specialist decides whether you are a good candidate for aligners: he takes photos, X- rays and makes impressions to capture the shape of teeth and make a prescription. We make aligners in our laboratory with exceptional precision and customize them so that they pressed your teeth and corrected them.
    However, in patients with complex dental problems, traditional braces are still more effective

    Ideally, you should wear aligners for about 22 hours a day and put them off only for eating and brushing teeth. Visit your dentist regularly to check the progress. After orthodontic treatment, you can wear a retainer to fix the achieved result.

    Invisalign or ClearCorrect?

    • In fact, both variants are equally helpful to correct teeth position and treat various dental problems: overcrowded teeth, misaligned teeth, gapped teeth and bite problems including overbite, open bite, crossbite, and underbite.
    • ClearCorrect is more affordable. The company offers lower fees without compromising on its products or customer service.
    • Invisalign has been around since 1997. ClearCorrect was founded nine years later in 2006 by one of the original members of the founding Invisalign team.
    • ClearCorrect is an American company with products manufactured in the USA, while Invisalign is a global company with products manufactured around the world.

    We’re currently offering free ClearCorrect consultations as well as free custom whitening upon completion of ClearCorrect.

    With advanced technology and the use of attachments, buttons, and elastics, clear aligners. can be just as effective as braces. Clear aligners or “invisible braces” can effectively treat simple, moderate, and complex cases