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    Clear plastic aligners

    Invisalign & ClearCorrect
    Clear plastic aligners
    A beautiful smile is the main component in creating an attractive image. After the treatment with elainers, our patients at the Affordable Dentistry of South Florida clinic are not shy about showing their emotions and emitting positivity. Why hide the results of our best dentists, if they meet all the expectations such as time and money?

    Aligners motivate to align teeth

    The comfort when using aligners instead of bracket systems is beyond doubt. Tactilely smooth, mouth guards cover the entire surface of the teeth, completely invisible to others, and, best of all, easily removed if necessary. New impetus for the use of silicone cap, gives a 3D visualization. The program of three-dimensional modeling of the results of therapy allows the orthodontist to visually demonstrate to the patient the possibilities of removable aligners. And then produce transparent «covers» by the method of them pressing or high-precision stamping. Aligners for aligning the teeth are prepared accordingly to individual impressions while taking into consideration the shape and the inclination of the teeth.

    Therefore, at the stage of fixing the cap and in the process of wearing, the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort. Such therapy is available and it is simple and effective. Patients see the first positive changes after a month of using the cap. A complete dental examination is shown before wearing aligners, which includes: Oral health and periodontal tissues assessments, and X-ray. Liners obtained from the dental laboratory and it is fixed on the patient’s teeth in the clinic. There is no diet.

    Smile Correction

    Many of you know the fact that celebrities have bright smiles for the dentist’s merit. But nobody knows the fact that many celebrities wear aligners. Transparent mouthguards on the teeth are completely invisible. They can be viewed only from a very close distance. And this invisibility is the incontestable advantage of aligners before braces. To this day, the most popular brands of aligners are Clear Correct and Invisalign. How comfortable is to permanently wear the aligner? For a long time, patients in dental clinics had only one choice — braces. There is an alternative technique more worthy which is aligner

    Aligners have changed the idea of bite correction. Soft and comfortable at first glance, they solve dozens of different orthodontic problems, and at the same time, they do not make adjustments to everyday life.

    The use of any food and beverages are allowed. You can eat anything you want, however, do not forget to remove your mouthguards from your teeth before the meal. Do not hesitate smiling wide since they are invisible and no one would be able to notice. As a matter of fact, with some diagnoses doctor prescribes to wear the eliners only during your sleep. It is easily removed if necessary due to which many patients wear eliners less than the prescribed time, thereby increases the duration of the therapy.

    Rules for using eliners to restore teeth

    Take off during meals. If you wear 24/7 the eliners should be removed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And put back on after brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth. Fixing mouthguards on the teeth is very easy. Due to the elastic, but at the same time soft polymer, the eliners do not scratch the gums nor injure the mucous membrane and are suitable for everyone.

    Clean the mouth guard regularly.

    To clean the cap, use a toothbrush with soft bristles or kid’s electric with a small head and a drop of paste. They cannot be washed with mouthwashes or foams for dentures — this can affect the transparency. After the removal and before putting on the cap, rinse with clean water at room temperature. Properly store the mouthpiece to align the teeth. The eliners are stored in their original packaging — special solid containers equipped with air holes. Do not smoke and do not use chewing gum. This can affect the appearance of the structure and provoke its deformation.

    An adult needs to wear mouth guards for 22 hours a day, every two weeks and once a month visit the dentist’s office for medical supervision and delivery of new prints to obtain the next cap.

    At facial asymmetry with a crossbite, and severe mastication with speech defects, and orthodontic, the treatment begins with fixed braces, followed by wearing eliners in the retention period. Eliners are used to eliminate crowding for teenagers and adults. In the human body, everything is interconnected. Therefore, the gaps between the teeth are the result of physiological and pathological resorptions. The correction of the dentition is aimed at eliminating the aesthetic defect. The use duration of the eliners depends on the patient’s age and the primary pathology.


    Direct indication for the use of eliners is the visible interdental gap. Diastema contributes to physiological and communicative difficulties, speech impairment, and sound pronunciation. Requires an orthopedic dentist.
    Deep bite
    Therapy of vertical malocclusion accompanied by a violation of aesthetics face asymmetry Pathological teeth abrasion, and chewing difficulty is carried out using transparent «covers» on the dentition — eliners.
    Crowding teeth
    Before going to the Doctor Lopatin clinic, many people mistakenly think that it’s too late to correct a smile after forty, and it was necessary to do this even in childhood.
    Before going to the doctor “Lopatin Clinic”, many people think that it’s too late to correct smile after 40 and they think that it had to be done from childhood. That’s a wrong mindset. The orthodontic method of using removable mouthguards solved the problem of crooked teeth in one course of treatment at any age. Due to the individual shape, thickness, and the degree of rigidity, the eliners create strictly calculated pressure and turn uneven teeth to the right direction.
    Combined cases.
    Material for the orthodontic treatment day by day is becoming more and more progressive and they can solve almost all the bite difficulty problems. However, the removable mouthguards will not help with skeletal-shaped anomalies, teeth retention, diseases of the mandibular joint, and severe systemic pathologies. The decision about elainer therapy is made by the dentist, not the patient. It is time to invest in your appearance. It does not matter which brand of eliners you choose: Clear Correct or Invisalign, it is better to start aligning teeth in adolescence when the mobility of the dentition is extremely high. In adulthood, teeth acquire their natural form, defects intensify and bite problems become more global. Complications arise with the ligamentous apparatus, jaw joints, and diction. Nowadays, orthodontists accomplish miraculous things, turning obvious flaws into virtues. Using the possibilities of therapeutic dentistry, surgery, orthodontics, and orthopedics can eliminate various malocclusions