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    Why do teeth darken?

    teeth darken

    .Dental health is a reflection of nutrition, care, bad habits and other factors. If your teeth begin to darken, you need to consider a variety of reasons that can cause a change in the shade of the enamel. All the reasons why tooth enamel is darker are divided into external and internal.

    External causes

    External causes are processes that occur due to external influences on the teeth.

    1. Poor hygiene. Due to insufficient quality dental care, plaque remains on the enamel. Gradually, the deposits begin to thicken and become denser. If a dye affects the plaque, then its pigment penetrates deep into the dense structure.
    2. Dyes. Tooth enamel, weakened due to demineralization or bleaching, becomes unstable to artificial and natural dyes. Teeth discoloration can occur with frequent use of foods with dyes (coffee, bright berries, vegetables and fruits, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, sweets, spices, etc.).
    3. Smoking. Black teeth are a common problem for smokers. Resins released when smoking a cigarette in the mouth, abundantly settle on the enamel and adhere tightly to it.

    It is impossible to remove black plaque on teeth with a toothbrush and even whitening toothpaste. The aesthetic defect is eliminated only with the help of professional dental methods. Brickell Dental Care is an affordable dental office in Miami. We posted cost of dental services here or simply call our front desk  if you are looking for high-quality dental care at (407) 989 99-99 

    Internal causes

    External factors predominantly provoke an aesthetic deficiency, but can be the cause of an increased risk of dental disease. Internal reasons should be taken as seriously as possible, since they imply the effect of pathological processes on the teeth, which will only progress without appropriate treatment.

    Internal factors from which the teeth darken.

    1. Caries. The most common cause of tooth enamel discoloration. A distinctive feature is the discoloration of one tooth. In rare cases, several adjacent teeth darken. Tooth decay can appear as a stain or cavity. If the cervical form of caries proceeds, then the roots of the teeth darken, more correctly, the root zone.
    2. Seal. Black teeth can be the result of fillings. Some types of composite contain substances that stain the dentin and crown. Modern dentistry does not use such materials, but if a tooth was filled more than 7-10 years ago, such reasons are not excluded.
    3. Metal tab. A material like metal is prone to oxidation, which can easily cause tooth enamel to darken.
    4. Metal crowns. Installation of classic metal crowns has such a defect as darkening of the tooth in the area of ​​the gum line. The appearance of blackness indicates an oxidation process that causes the metal to be exposed to the acidic environment of the mouth. In most cases we recommended zirconia crown.
    5. Injuries. The tooth is equipped with a large number of blood vessels, if damaged, blood can penetrate into the dentin. Due to the accumulation of blood under the crown, the process of decay of blood particles will affect the color of the tooth, which will change from red to bluish black.
    6. Depulpation (Root Canal Treatment)  Removing a dental nerve has many consequences. Including darkening of the enamel. The reason is the lack of nutrition of the tooth or the development of recurrent caries.

    With the progression of internal causes, treatment is an obligatory stage in the restoration of dental health and aesthetics. Depending on the pathology, the dentist determines the ways of influencing the pathological process.

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